I am not sure if I have lived a day where I moved less than I did on Sunday, July 24th. I watched an entire season of a TV show and 4 movies. It was a hot and humid day and my 50” Plasma TV sent solar flares of extra heat in my small house. I had a box fan pointed directly towards me but it failed to cool me off completely as I drenched my shirt in sweat while doing almost nothing. There is a bit of a disclaimer with this watching marathon, I was playing Minecraft at the same time. The monitor was next to my TV and all I was doing was digging out a huge mine. It wasn’t distracting enough to prevent me from fully consuming the movies and TV but it keep my brain active enough to where I was able to watch over 12 hours of material. I consider passive games like Minecraft and Madden to be Adderall to watching TV. It keeps my brain awake and prevents me from becoming bored. I believe games like Minecraft add to my viewing experience, not distracting or taking away.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill for

I watched this movie in theaters on release night when it came out in 2014. I enjoyed the first movie and the graphic novel series that the films are based on. I like this movie but I acknowledge it has obvious flaws. It looks amazing, has great actors, and is based on some of the best source material created by Frank Miller. Unfortunately it didn’t follow the source material and added some strange storyline that felt like it was created to give Joseph Gordon-Levitt a role in the film. With every cool cameo like Chris Meloni and Ray Liotta, there are the strange cameo appearances from Lady Gaga and Christopher Lloyd. Despite its flaws, Rosario Dawson is in it playing Gail, which makes it worth the watch by itself.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes.

Trailer Park Boys Season 10

I enjoy Trailer Park Boys but season 10 proves that it has nothing left to offer. The show has been around since the early 2000’s and only has 80 plus episodes (and a bunch of one off standups and movies), but it is already stale. This season might take the crown from season 7 for being the worst season of TPB. It is 10 short episodes chronicling the trailer park ownership of Julian and the same old high jinx of Bubbles, Ricky, and Lahey. Julian starts up an all-inclusive casino after making the park private property, Ricky continues his never ending conflict with Lucy, Bubbles is worried about getting in trouble, Lahey is a drunk, and Barb is trying to get ownership of the park back from Julian. Drugs, liquor, curse words, funny phrases, and gross living conditions all make their usual appearance. Snoop Dogg and some other D tier comedians are in several episodes but even they become boring and overused. Also, the actors playing Lucy and J-Roc have announced season 10 is there last. It looks like TPB has reached the end of its 15 year run.

Runtime: 4 Hours 22 Minutes

The Big Short

This is my kind of movie, serious subject manner presented in a humorous/pissed off way. I knew this movie is about the 2008 economic collapse, but this movie is excellent at explaining how it happened (especially the part where Margot Robbie is in the bath tub). The cast for this movie is insane, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Steve Carrell, and Ryan Gosling. The movie made the boring economics interesting while breaking the 4th wall multiple times (the best one being Margot Robbie). It was directed by Adam McKay which is a weird selection as he has directed comedies such as Anchorman, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys. After watching the movie, the McKay selection makes complete sense, it is a serious movie but is self-aware and even makes fun of the audience. But the content for this movie is a huge bummer. The world economy was destroyed, countless people loss jobs, all because of shady greedy business dealings by banks giving huge loans to people who couldn’t afford them. The government bailed these banks out and they are already starting to do the same things that caused the economic downfall now, just 8 year later. The world is shitty and this movie proves that.

Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes.


After getting depressed from watching The Big Short I scrolled through my watch list on Netflix and saw Spotlight. I knew it was about the catholic church child molestation issue and decided to watch it to fuel the pessimistic high I was on after The Big Short. I actually had interest in watching both of these movies and when talking about them with my friends, I would always confuse and mix up the two with each other.

Spotlight is another good movie with a loaded cast. It starred, Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams (who basically plays the same character she did in True Detective season 2), and Liev Schreiber. This movie is about the Spotlight investigative team that works for the Boston Globe researching and reporting on the Catholic Church child molestation issue in Boston. They found 87 priests, or fathers, or whatever they are called, who sexually molested children and instead of being held criminally liable, they were “reassigned” where many repeated their terrible actions. I like investigative movies, where there are a lot of scenes of people standing/sitting around game planning and putting the puzzle together (but not in a CSI, SVU, crime drama formulaic way). I admit this probably wasn’t the best movie to watch after The Big Short, but my pessimism is so strong I felt like I handled it well. After watching these two movies back to back I thought of my favorite line from Show me a Hero, “every time I worry I am becoming too cynical I realize I am not even keeping pace.” The world is shitty and this movie proves that. I think that should be a recognized movie genre.

Runtime: 2 Hours 8 Minutes.

Southpaw (Spoilers)

I like Jake Gyllenhaal. As a straight heterosexual male I believe Jake Gyllenhall and Ryan Gosling are more attractive than most women. They are handsome but not too handsome which makes them still feel like human beings. The perfect amount of beautiful. Gyllenhaal and Gosling are great actors too who have done some great movies recently.

After watching Prisoners a few years ago, I have become a Gyllenhaal follower. From now on (unless he has a 20 year bad stretch like DeNiro) if Gyllenhaal is in the movie, I am going to consider watching it. End of Watch and Nightcrawler are both great movies because of the character acting by Gyllenhaal. He dives into his roles and Southpaw was no exception. He got jacked physically for this movie and did all of the boxing himself. This movie isn’t that great, like most sports movies it was predictable. All sports movies have a person defying all odds while winning at the end, or losing at the end and not caring because he or she learned how to be happy in life. Based on the movie name alone I knew he was going to develop a left handed punch to surprise his opponent but honestly I thought he was going to lose the fight at the end. That has almost become the new movie cliché, losing at the end.

The supporting cast for this movie was decent with Rachel McAdams (who I have grown an liking for after True Detective season 2) and Forest Whitaker being the biggest names. I am a fan of Whitaker, but I put him in the “respectable but overused” group of actors. Morgan Freeman and John Goodman have been in this group for a while. They are great actors, but they are in like 10 movies a year playing a supporting role.

A quick blurb on the director, Antoine Fuqua, he is good at what he does. His movies aren’t critically acclaimed, but he is experienced at making action movies with Hip Hop star cameos. Training Day is an all timer, Tears of the Sun is sort of a modern Predator without the fun one liners, and I watched Shooter once a week for like a 3 year period in college. I have paid attention to the movies he has made but this is the first one I have watched since Shooter.

It is a cliché sports movie but it is done well with the Fuqua modern flair.

Runtime: 2 Hours 3 Minutes.

Total Runtime: 12 Hours 25 Minutes.